Anand Subramanian

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I am a software engineer based in the San Fracisco Bay Area. More generally, I am a student of computer science. When I am not thinking about work in software engineering or computer science, I teach a variety of subjects pro bono and ride my bike.


I completed my Master of Science degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University under the tutelage of Frank Pfenning.
I am interested in logic, type systems, programming languages, compilers and concurrency. To find out more about my research, see this page


Formally, I have been a teaching assistant for two courses at Carnegie Mellon University:
Principles of Imperative Computation (Summer 2012)
Compiler Design and Implementation (Fall 2010)

Presently I work as a software engineer, but I still like to teach; so I teach a variety of subjects pro bono. See this page for more information.

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